AusVaxSafety is conducting active monitoring of vaccine safety for COVID-19 vaccines delivered in the community through two surveillance tools, SmartVax and Vaxtracker.

In the days following vaccination, people receiving a COVID-19 vaccine from participating sites are asked if they have had a reaction via an automated SMS/email sent using these tools.

De-identified data, from these responses from people across Australia, is collated and analysed by AusVaxSafety to monitor rates of adverse events following immunisation and facilitate early detection of any potential vaccine safety issues.

If you are a GP, you can get involved in the COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance by installing the SmartVax software program in your practice. Find out more here. You can also register your interest in participation at

If you are an immunisation provider other than GP, you may still be able to get involved in COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring. Please contact AusVaxSafety on and we can help determine which tool is most suitable for your clinical practice setting and software.

Please note participation in active surveillance with SmartVax or Vaxtracker is prioritised for those providers selected from the Commonwealth EOI who administer COVID-19 vaccinations and in select geographical locations to allow for a representative spread across Australia.


Last updated March 2021