Australia’s active vaccine safety system

AusVaxSafety commenced routine safety monitoring of 2023 seasonal influenza vaccines used in Australia across all ages in March 2023. The vaccines currently in use are Vaxigrip Tetra®, Fluarix Tetra®, Afluria® Quad (5 years and older), FluQuadri®, Flucelvax® Quad (2 years and older), Influvac® Tetra, Fluad® Quad (65 years and over) and Fluzone® High-Dose Quadrivalent (60 years and over).

Surveillance data are provided by AusVaxSafety surveillance tools and are based on vaccine safety surveys sent in the days following influenza vaccination.

AusVaxSafety surveillance of 2023 seasonal flu vaccines has concluded with no safety issues identified. Recommencement of surveillance will coincide with the release of 2024 seasonal influenza vaccines.


Latest influenza vaccine safety data

Click on the tiles below to view 2023 AusVaxSafety influenza vaccine safety data for specific age and population groups.