AusVaxSafety active safety surveillance of COVID-19 vaccines

To ensure the ongoing safety of vaccines used in Australia, AusVaxSafety conducts ongoing large-scale surveillance of side effects following vaccination to ensure vaccines are performing as safely as we expect them to in real-world conditions.

How does AusVaxSafety surveillance work?

Shortly after your vaccination, AusVaxSafety will send you a short vaccine safety survey giving you the opportunity to report any side effects you may have experienced and if you had to seek medical care as a result.

Depending on your survey responses, your state/territory health department or immunisation provider may contact you to collect more details.

What happens to the information you provide?

Your responses will contribute to the national vaccine safety surveillance program that AusVaxSafety is conducting as part of Australia's comprehensive vaccine safety monitoring.

What about your personal data?

AusVaxSafety only receives responses that are de-identified to protect your privacy. Any information that could identify you is removed.

Last updated July 2023