Data on this page show the responses of individuals aged 60 years and older who received an adjuvanted or high-dose influenza vaccine and completed an AusVaxSafety survey sent in the days following vaccination.

The influenza vaccines currently in use in this age group include:

  • Fluad® Quad (individuals aged 65 years and over)
  • Fluzone® High-Dose Quad (individuals aged 60 years and over).

These data provide a profile of what to expect in the days following your influenza vaccination and can assist in planning for vaccination.

Data on this page will be updated weekly throughout the 2024 influenza season.

AusVaxSafety's active vaccine safety surveillance system complements the enhanced safety surveillance activities of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Further information on the influenza vaccines can be found at the links below:

Last updated April 2024