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AusVaxSafety surveillance of 2023 seasonal flu vaccines concludes with no safety issues identified

The recent change in season and the promise of warmer weather in the coming months have signalled the end of a challenging influenza (flu) season in Australia – as well as the conclusion of annual active safety surveillance of seasonal flu vaccines by AusVaxSafety. 

In 2023, over five months of surveillance, AusVaxSafety received more than 215,000 completed Day 3 safety surveys from individuals (or their parent/carer) who received a flu vaccine and participated in the AusVaxSafety surveillance program. 

Data analysed over the surveillance period were reassuring, with no safety issues identified. The rate of reported vaccine side effects was comparable to previous years, while medical attendance rates in the days following vaccination were low across all age groups.

Less than 5 per cent of participants reported missing work, study/school or routine activities in the days following flu vaccination, and most participants who did require time off missed only one day or less.


* As with any adverse event reports, not all symptoms reported may be caused by the vaccine; they may be coincidental and due to other causes. AusVaxSafety does not specifically ask participants the reason why they accessed medical care in the days following vaccination. Therefore, medical attendance reported may or may not be related to any adverse events reported.

AusVaxSafety’s surveillance incorporated all seasonal flu vaccines used in Australia in 2023: 

  • Vaxigrip Tetra® 
  • Fluarix Tetra®
  • Afluria® Quad (those aged five years and older) 
  • FluQuadri®
  • Flucelvax® Quad (those aged two years and older)
  • Influvac® Tetra
  • Fluad® Quad (those aged 65 years and over)
  • Fluzone® High-Dose Quadrivalent (those aged 60 years and over).

The flu vaccines that are used in Australia can change each year, and the formulation of existing vaccines is regularly modified to ensure optimised protection against predicted circulating strains. AusVaxSafety’s ongoing surveillance activities give reassurance to the public that flu vaccines are performing as safely as expected in real-world conditions.

AusVaxSafety has conducted annual surveillance of seasonal flu vaccines since 2014 and will recommence surveillance of seasonal flu vaccines in April 2024, at the start of the Australian flu season.

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